This site is intended to help people identify plants commonly found in conservation areas in the treasure coast is Palm Beach counties Martin County and St. Lucie County.  Over 600 species are covered in the various categories.

These species are grouped by plant form.  The following simple key which contains hyperlinks which will take you to a site containing more detailed information.

Ctenium aromaticum 5

If your plant is a grass or grass like, then click on GRASS


Parthenocissus quinquefolia 1

If your plant is a vine, then click on VINE


Pteridium aquilinim 10

If your plant is a fern, fern ally, or cycad, then click on FERN


Tillandsia fasciculata 1

If your plant is a air plant, then click on AIR PLANT


Quercus virginiana 8

If your plant is a tree or shrub, then click on TREE


Coreopsis gladiata 2

If your plant is an herb and has many, many (more than 6) petals then it is probably a member of the Aster or Daisy family. What we think of as an “aster” flower is actually a composite head containing one or two types of flowers: ray flowers (with flat, often strap-shaped corollas) and disk flowers (tubular flowers with 5 tooth-like lobes at the summit). If your flower is this type, click on ASTERACEAE


Sabatia grandiflora 2

If your plant is an herb or subshrub and has 6 or fewer petals, click on WILDFLOWER

You might want to bookmark this page.  That will let you in quickly return and make another selection in case you have wandered down the wrong path.

For a collection of keys and detailed datum about a variety of plant species go to


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